F O R T H E L O V E - The official online release of the @sauconyoriginals x @end_clothing #Shadow5000Burger is the 3rd of May. To celebrate the release End will be throwing a in store release party tonight, where they will be exclusively on sale. #shadow5000 #sauconyend #saucony #avisualpiecebycs

N E W V I D E O O U T N O W Titanium taken from The #RememberTheTitan EP by @spzabout | prod by Emvee | dir by me #iamtitanium 🔥🔥🔥#avisualpiecebycs ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️

‼️J A C K P O T ‼️ #Nike #AirYeezy2 #RedOctober

R E D O C T O B E R 🔴 #NikeAirYeezy2 #redoctober

B E H I N D  B A R S
T O D A Y S   W O R K - @clothsurgeon For @wellgosh #varsityjacket #25thanniversary

V O L C A N O #gellytev #gellyte5 #asicsgel #asics #ronniefieg #wellgoshlove #colo4 #avisualpiecebycs #gellyte

V O L C A N O #gellyte5 #ronniefieg
Thank you #homies #waitingfor1833 @emz_coolie @dapzonthemap @kylexay @missjojo_olivia @xxsimzxx no 1 will know how much effort and energy was put into making this project. We have gone through 4 seasons and unfortunately experienced 2 deaths. There were so many times where we was all ready to throw in the towel. BUT it was love that got us to the end. Once again thank you to every last person in this picture. #dsaw #distant

** latest work ** Wellgosh have commissioned me to make series of short films that celebrate their 25th year anniversary. The first film is a short documentation of a party they put on to celebrate 25 years of successful business. With guest appearances from DJ Logan Sama, P money, Newham Generals (Footsie & D Double E), Dj JJ, DJ Swerve, Safone, MayHem, DJ MS1, Psykhomantus and Mad Flow.